5 Small Ways to Change Your Life Today for the Better

Throw out all of your old socks and buy new ones


This is so simple and will make a huge difference in your day. The new fluffy feeling of fresh socks will comfort you the whole day. You will wonder how you got so use to all your old worn down socks. Best of all, now all of your new socks are guaranteed to match for at least a couple weeks.

Cook something delicious


Find a recipe that you have always wanted try, go to the store buy the ingredients, go home and make it happen. The taste of a delicious meal that I make myself is unparalleled by any restaurant, it’s the taste of accomplishment. You will have fun searching for a recipe, and impress your family and friends with your new meal (bonus points if you walk to the store). Double bonus if you pick up the socks on the way to get the groceries.

Ask someone you respect out for a cup of coffee


You would be surprised to find out who you could get a meeting with if you just ask. You know that person that is doing exactly what you wish you could be doing right now? Or the person that is 10x more skilled at playing the piano than you? Or that nice Real Estate Agent who always posts such great blog articles? That’s the person you ask to coffee. Making new friends can open up avenues that you never thought possible and it is the key to a dynamic and fun life.

Go for a FUN workout


By fun I mean a sport, a challenging hike, or that new class you always wanted to try. Variety is the spice of life and exploring a mountain trail that leads to a waterfall is much more interesting than sitting on a spin bike and staring at yourself in the giant gym mirror. Ask a friend to join you or make a day date out of it. Doing something active together is a great bonding experience.

 Schedule “no phone time”

no phone

This is automatic relaxation, you will feel the stress melt away. I am not kidding it’s kind of magical. You need to set your own boundaries with this one but here are some options. Try no phone past 10 pm. This will help you get to sleep better since screens are known to keep your mind active and awake and turning them off will help you wind down your evening. Also, once you set these boundaries and stick to them friends and colleagues will learn your schedule as well. The fear is always that you will miss something important or that someone will think you don’t care, however, 95% of the time, it can wait until the morning. Another option is no phones during family meals and or no phones on Sundays. A full day can be tough but I recommend trying this on a vacation and see how you feel.


On the flip side of the “no phone time” practice is “yes phone time”. This is time when you should absolutely be on your phone and handling those little important things throughout the day so you can spend the time with loved ones later without being on your phone. These are times like riding in an Uber or anytime you are waiting for someone or something. You all know these times and 9 time out of 10 we are on our phones at these times anyway. But I challenge you to identify these times and instead of scrolling through your social media for entertainment handle your business. If you can master this time management hack you will gain an hour or so each day that you can use any way that you want.

Try them out and let me know how it goes. Oh and Happy New Year. Let’s make it great!

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