Find Unique Gifts in Manhattan Beach

Tabula Rasa


Cheeky California fun style. You will find one of a kind items like there Christmas Beach decor towels, fragrances, body elixirs, girly blinged out pepper spray and they make an effort to stock cool items made right in Manhattan Beach




Tunisian crafts straight from the Tunisian crafts people. The Souk is owned by a husband and wife who went to Tunisia to discover their roots and decided to bring back what they found and share it with us.


The items are definitely one of a kind and gorgeous! This gift is for your friend with good eclectic taste. The one you go try new Ethiopian restaurants with and who likes to travel.



Waterleaf is an interior design dream. They have curated a distinct style that is still varied enough to have something for everyone.


I like their vases. I think that a nice bouquet of flowers in a gorgeous vase is a great gift. Everyone loves flowers and they can keep the vase for later use. Try to match the vase with the style of the persons home decor, when in doubt, go for clear glass.


I want to put up all of their photos but I won’t so check out their website below. It’s a work of art.




York Town rocks my socks off. They are all about local artisans and have a strong affinity for the beach and the ocean. They are constantly featuring new artists work and it’s great stuff.


I don’t even know what this thing is! But I want it. This art piece is by L.A. artisit Jamie Dietrich, she takes vintage, recycled and treasures from the ocean to create these designs. No two pieces are alike. She has been featured in InStyle, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and HGTV.


Another artist, Shannon, makes these wonderful wall hangs with ropes. Super creative and great beach style.


The people you care about will be touched when you get them something special and one of a kind. When you buy local the money stays in the community, that means you are improving the place where you live when you decide to buy local.

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