Granny Flats Will Soon Be Easier To Build in La Canada Flintridge

Whether it’s to care for aging parents or house an adult child, “Granny Flats,” are among the biggest trends in La Cañada building. These additional structures are small, stand-alone houses that provide independence and additional space on your property. And soon, more La Cañada residents will be able to build them.

The City Council passed an ordinance in June, to remain compliant with a state-mandated easing of restrictions passed in 2016 amid a statewide housing shortage.

The city kept in place laws that these “accessory dwelling units” could only be built on lots bigger than 10,000 square feet and at least 70 feet in width. For each new structure built, an additional parking space would be required on the property.

There is a current loophole that allows homeowners to convert a garage or poolhouse to a granny flat without adding the parking spot.

Some residents are requesting La Cañada drop the width restriction, and the council agreed this stipulation will be dropped at the next meeting.

The rules for these Granny Flats in our community are still in flux, but things are looking up. It’s still unclear if those who live in the septic tank area will have the same restrictions or not.

Would you consider adding a Granny Flat to your home? State laws set a blanket limitation on the size of such units at 1,200 square feet, but that’s still plenty of space. You could add it for any of the following reasons:

  • Providing a safe place for aging parents to live, while maintaining a close relationship with them. Perfect for grandparents who want to help babysit or spend more time with their grandkids.
  • Allowing adult children to live cheaply while finishing school or finding employment.
  • Build a studio for art, music, or crafts for a private space to create.
  • Earn supplemental income by renting it out. This could be to strangers, or to family friends and extended family members.
  • List it on Airbnb to add to your income and meet travelers coming to your city.

These dwellings could add huge value to your property, so it’s something to consider if you have the space. Stay tuned on future laws coming from the La Cañada City Council.

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