Home Is Where Your Dog Is

Living with man’s best friend doesn’t have to clash with your sense of style. Check out these tips to live happily ever after with your pooch.


Special Spaces: Dogs like their own space almost as much as teenagers do! Dogs are naturally den animals and love to have their own space to rest. If you aren’t crazy about the crate choices at your local pet shop consider finding a space for your dog beneath a staircase or under a window seat. Consider building or custom ordering a crate to match your room’s colors and personal style.


Create a Pet-Friendly Entryway:  Stop pet grime at the door! Start by choosing flooring and paint options that are easy to wipe clean. Install wall hooks to keep leashes organized and off the floor. Consider including a cabinet or shelving to store other pet supplies such as treats, toys, spare collars, etc. Keep an old towel handy for wiping off dirty paws before your dog has a chance to track dirt throughout your house.


Room with a View: Chances are your pet spends most of their time indoors and will appreciate the entertainment associated with having a large window to see outside. Place a comfy bed below or alongside a window for your pet to enjoy. Make sure all windows are properly latched and screens are installed to prevent accidental escapes!


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Dogs are people too! Okay, not quite, but they do appreciate a comfortable bed. It’s totally worth the splurge to get not only a comfy spot for your pet to lay his head but for something that you love too. Take your time to find the perfect match to your décor. Bonus points if it’s washable!


Pet Friendly Furnishings: If you can’t stand the sight of plastic dog bowls in your beautiful kitchen consider furniture-style designs for your pet. You can find everything from dog-feeding stations to toy chests and canopy beds for your pampered pooch.

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