Lets Get Weird – Interior Design For The Bold

Are you tired of your home looking like every other house on the block? Well, this list of crazy awesome home design ideas is sure to set your home apart! Sit back, relax, and start imagining your dream house!


Bring the outdoors, in


Now you can bathe in a verdant forest with this moss wall in your bathroom! This healing wall, as it is called by the designer, holds a lush assortment of herbs, geraniums and mosses. An embedded water system keeps the fragrant plants fresh – and your bathroom smelling great too!


Sleep with the fishes


Do you dream of being a mermaid? Then try this aquarium headboard, that can be filled with any array of sea creatures. Perfect for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving, or just can’t get enough of watching fish! Create your own “Under the Sea” world!


Slide downstairs


You will get up early every morning to slide down to breakfast! You can roll heavy luggage and laundry you don’t want to carry down it too! This stair/slide combo is fun for families with kids – or just kids at heart!


Swing through dinner


This swinging table instantly makes family dinners even more fun. Or, put it in your office for breezy company meetings. It’s all self-contained, so you don’t need to worry about mounting it from the ceiling! Make every meal play time with this innovative table (which is actually available for purchase right here!)


Walk on water


If you live near a body of water, why not enjoy it even while you’re inside! This crazy walkway is suspended over the ocean for a view unlike any other.


Live in a Jurassic house


This crazy staircase is not for the faint of heart! A British designer created this vertebrae staircase for a client, and it’s certainly one of the most unique staircases out there! If you truly want your home to stand out, this will do the trick.

Home design should be fun. Express your personality and have a few pieces that inspire conversation when friends come over.

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