My 5 Favorite Holiday Spots

1) Downtown Burbanks 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

xmas train

Downtown Burbank goes all out to spread the joy. There are events going on until the 12th of December. Each one fun and worth catching. Don’t miss Sunday the 11th when the Metrolink Holiday Toy Express rolls in to downtown. Then on the 12th there is a free screening of the movie Elf behind City Hall.  More details here.

2) The Rink in Downtown Burbank

ice rink

Ice skating in the California sun! Go on a fun date or take the family. All ages are welcome and there are skate aids for the beginners so really everyone can go. This rink only appears in the winter and it is outdoors which makes in more fun in my opinion. It’s near City Hall at the corner of N 3rd Street and E Orange Grove. More details here.

3) Shopping in Old Town Pasadena


Old Pas knows how to create a great Holiday ambiance. There are the classic decorations, santa’s helpers roaming around, carolers, puppet shows, specialty shops giving out cider and hot cocoa. It’s a warm friendly place. There are mostly artisanal mom and pop shops so you will find unique gifts that will be helping out the community with your purchase more than you would at a big box store. There are a lot of great events going on so check this calendar and plan your shopping to the event.

4) Mexican Hot Chocolate


It is hard to find authentic Mexican hot chocolate but when you do it’s so good. It is not as sweet as hot chocolate which makes the chocolaty taste very strong and usually high grade South American chocolate is used. It’s frothier than hot chocolate and has a bit of cinnamon and chile in it. Get it at La Monarca Bakery in South Pasadena, they make it perfect. Pair it with an authentic Mexican pastry like a dulce de leche cake or a hojarascan – a Mexican cinnamon cookie which will bring out the cinnamon flavor in the Mexican Hot Chocolate.

5) The Giving Tree

FUMC xmas tree lot

When you buy a Christmas tree at the NOHO FUMC Tree Lot they donate ALL of the proceeds to various charities. The tree lot is run by volunteers so your money really is going to the charities. I really like this place because we are all going to get a tree anyway so we might as well get the one that will help out the people most in need. More details here.

So now you have some classic Holiday events to keep the traditions alive and some new experiences to make this season memorable, fresh and distinctly Californian. Happy wishes and happy trails to you and yours.

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