On Strengths and Success

Hello all. I have some good news to share with you. I have been chosen as a 5 Star Agent by Los Angeles Magazine. They choose their 5 Star Agents largely based on client reviews which is why I value the title. I get to work with great people and it makes my job fun.

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The secret to my success is that I do whatever it takes for my client. Last week I stood in line at 4 in the morning in front of an estate sale to get the table my client wanted. That same week I also waited at a client’s home at 9 at night for the electric company to come. Sometimes I feel like an extra spouse on call. Most of my clients are friends or referrals from friends which makes it easy to go out of my way for them. It is something I take pride in, every single sale I go above and beyond for my clients.


I have picked up a passion for interior design through my years in real estate and it has blossomed into a substantial asset for my clients. I discovered that I have a talent for seeing the potential in a home rather than what is in plain view. I was doing a walk through with one of my clients looking to buy. I liked this particular home for them. I mentioned that they could open up the whole back wall facing the backyard by taking out the small windows and turn it into giant sliding glass doors. They ended up taking it and doing just that. It was that detail that took the home from good to exceptional. They paid the good price and improved in into the exceptional home.


Let me put it into perspective for you. There are great homes in great locations that will sit on the market for 180 days and take multiple price reductions all because of a small ugly kitchen. An exceptional kitchen remodel will cost $40,000. If the home gets price reduced by $50,000 then it is worth it to buy the home with the ugly kitchen and remodel. That way you will get the kitchen of your dreams since you will design it and you are in a great position to negotiate the price down even lower. I have a knack for this kind of a deal. I see things other agents do not. Which means my clients get more of what they want.

I just bought Manhattan Beach major fixer. I have so many plans to make it perfect for my family.  I am about to meet the tile lady right now. For my clients I am already good at designing interiors like “pull out that wall, or put this window here” but I have a hard time with exteriors. With my own home project I will train my eye for exterior improvements as well.


Here is my advice if you are thinking of buying or selling:


  •  If you are considering purchasing a home to remodel then I suggest making changes in phases over time. It helps to get in and live in it before you remodel.


  • Sellers need to be emotionally ready to sell. Either you are all in or all out.


  • I find that buyers and sellers who trust me and listen to my advice end up being much more successful.
I want to thank all of you who have worked with me in the past. I am excited about all the good things to come and I am lucky I get to help so many people that I like and respect.

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